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Programmieren lernen mit Unterstützung der Cisco Systems GmbH & Brand Union Germany

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Solving two challenges in one go


ReDI School of Digital Integration is a coding school for refugees. Our aim is to help refugees build and expand their qualification as software developers and provide them with the opportunity to work with start-up and tech companies.


Refugees in Germany want to be safe, financially independent and contribute positively to their new home country.

The IT- and start-up scene is international, welcoming and desperately needs talent. Currently 43.000 IT-jobs are available in Germany. (*Source: Bitkom)

Let’s solve these two challenges in one go! We want to prove that our new neighbors offer an opportunity for Europe to enrich its culture and empower its economy.


In our highly interactive course each refugee will be given a laptop, mobile internet, a 3-month programming class, a programming and career mentor, a co-working space for group projects, access to several networking events and the chance to present their group project at a Demo Day.


– 10 students (3 month course,  incl. laptop, internet etc.) = 15.000 Euro
– 30 students (3 month course, incl. laptop, internet etc.) = 25.000 Euro
– office space, class room and running costs = 2.000 Euro / per month
– donate laptops (2 GB RAM, Dual Core and up)
– employee volunteering: programming teachers and career mentors

(*Our non-profit status is in process, but bureaucracy takes time. Spendenquittungen can be provided next year.)

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